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and efficient service to ensure your project

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is completed to the highest standards.

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We have over 8 years of experience as a company and have developed an unrivalled reputation for service and attention to detail.


We provide comprehensive project management from planning through to completion.

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All our team of experienced and accredited tradesmen are dedicated to providing great customer care and delivering exceptional customer satisfaction.

About MEServ

MEServ Limited was formed in 2012 by Barry Abraham who is the current Managing Director. The company was set up to provide a service to the housing services sector, specialising in reactive mechanical and electrical maintenance for

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housing associations.


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is NICEIC Registered and also has Gas safe employees meaning we can sign-off

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all of our works.

We employ Electricians, Plumbers, Gas

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Engineers and Apprentices.

MEServ works closely with J&K Construction Limited on their high-end residential projects providing

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smart home systems, full electrical re-wires, full heating systems and bathroom installations.